Organic Pet Food Market Outlook (2022 to 2032)

The global natural pet food market reached a value of US$ 25.1 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, Group expects the market to reach US$ 37.8 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.2% during 2022-2027. Moreover, the global organic pet food market reached a value of US$ 1,858 Million in 2021. Looking forward, we expect the market to reach US$ 3,494 Million by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.09% during 2022-2027.

Organic ingredients are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals, and are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic wet dog food typically contains high-quality proteins, such as meat, fish, or poultry, as well as vegetables and fruits that provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Some organic wet dog food brands may also include superfoods such as blueberries, spinach, or pumpkin, which are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. These ingredients can help boost the immune system, support digestive health, and promote healthy skin and coat.


Natural pet food consists of organic ingredients that are free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, artificial coloring, and chemical by-products. Organic pet food offers several health benefits for pets, including boosting immunity, reducing skin ailments and allergies, minimizing digestive disorders, improving life expectancy, and maintaining a healthy weight. Based on the texture, the food mostly comes in the form of snacks, treats, kibble, liquid supplements, pellets, etc., available in bags, pouches, cans, and trays of varying sizes and shapes.

The increasing demand for organic and natural pet food can be attributed to the growing number of pet ownerships coupled with rising consumer awareness towards pet health. Additionally, rapid urbanization coupled with the high prevalence of family nuclearization has led to the rising adoption of pets, across both developed and emerging regions. In line with this, the elevating consumer living standards supported by their increasing disposable income levels have propelled the per capita expenditures on premium pet care products. The prevalent trend of pet humanization where the pet owners treat their pets as a family member, is also driving the demand for high-quality and organic pet food. Apart from this, the wide availability of natural pet food across several distribution channels coupled with the emergence of e-commerce platforms has also augmented the market growth.

Moreover, the rising demand for pet food with customized diets and pet meal plans accompanied by door-step delivery is driving the online sales of pet food. In addition to this, numerous celebrity endorsements along with various awareness programs are promoting the demand for nutrient-rich pet food that is healthy and safe for consumption. Furthermore, the rapid establishment of several animal health clinics, shelters, and pet care service centers have also bolstered the demand for organic pet food. Additionally, various pet food manufacturers are acquiring organic pet food companies for expanding their product portfolios. furthermore, several key players are launching innovative product variants with flavor enhancers, prolonged shelf life, and high nutritional content.

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Major players covered

Newman’s Own
Simmons Foods
Castor & Pollux
Blue Buffalo
Natural Balance Pet Foods
Merrick Pet Care
Solid Gold
Nature’s Recipe
Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food
United Petfood
Naturo Pet Foods