Food Automation Market

Food Automation is a process where machines are used to produce food. This process can be used to produce all kinds of food, including meat, dairy, and bakery products. Food Automation can also be used to packaging and labeling food products.

The global food automation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2019 to 2025. The market is driven by the increasing demand for processed and packaged foods, the growing popularity of ready-to-eat meals, and the need for efficient production in the food & beverage industry.

Applications that have been automated using various technologies include material handling, packaging, slitting/cutting, portioning/dicing, cooking/frying, mixing/blending, grinding/milling, cleaning/sanitation, labeling/date coding, and others. Among these applications, material handling was the largest contributor to the global food automation market in 2019 owing to its wide adoption in various manufacturing facilities for lifting raw materials or finished products from one point to another within the factory premises.

Impact of COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on a number of manufacturing and processing businesses worldwide. Due to messed up supply chains and production schedules, food and beverage manufacturing and packaging businesses suffered significant losses in the first and third quarters of 2020. In order to stop the coronavirus from spreading further, production facilities were temporarily shut down and nationwide lockdowns were implemented in the economies of the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As the number of cases increased globally, consumer concern increased demand for basic food items and alcohol-based sanitizers. High food consumption has caused grocery shortages on store shelves, disruptions in the supply chain, and an immediate need for a large number of raw materials for the food and beverage industry.

Due to the limited worker availability, output was hampered as a result, thus reducing the demand for automation in the food and beverage industry. However, due to the need for minimal human intervention in F&B manufacturing to stop the virus’ spread, the industry is anticipated to pick up speed in 2021. As a result, food automation systems will be put in place in several end-user facilities around the world

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Market Segmentation

This report has explored the key segments: by Type and by Application. The lucrativeness and growth potential have been looked into by the industry experts in this report. This report also provides revenue forecast data by type and by application segments based on value for the period 2017-2028.

 By Type

  • Motor Controls
  • Discrete Controllers & Visualization
  • Rotary Products
  • Linear Products
  • other

By Function

  • Sorting & Grading
  • Picking & Placing
  • Processing
  • Packaging & Repackaging
  • Others

By Application

  • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
  • Fruit & vegetable
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery
  • Beverages
  • Others

 By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the world

Competitive Landscape

In this section of the report, the researchers have done a comprehensive analysis of the prominent players operating and the strategies they are focusing on to combat the intense competition. Company profiles and market share analysis of the prominent players are also provided in this section. Additionally, the specialists have done an all-encompassing analysis of each player.

They have also provided reliable revenue, market share and rank data of the companies for the period 2017-2022. With the assistance of this report, key players, stakeholders, and other participants will be able to stay abreast of the recent and upcoming developments in the business, further enabling them to make efficient choices. Mentioned below are the prime players taken into account in this research report:

  • Horner APG
  • Ametek
  • Emerson Electric Co.
  • Copa-Data
  • Fortive Corporation
  • Rexnord Corporation
  • Siemens AG
  • Frontmatec
  • Schneider Electric SE
  • GEA Group
  • Festo AG & Co. KG
  • Nord Drivesystems
  • Rockwell Automation, Inc.
  • Eaton
  • Yaskawa Electric Corporation
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation
  • Elwood Corporation
  • ABB Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Report Scope

This latest report researches the industry structure, revenue and gross margin. Major players’ headquarters, market shares, industry ranking and profiles are presented. The primary and secondary research is done in order to access up-to-date government regulations, market information and industry data. Data were collected from the Food Automation companies, distributors, end users, industry associations, governments’ industry bureaus, industry publications, industry experts, third party database, and our in-house databases.

Table of Content

Global Food Automation Industry Market Research Report

1 Food Automation Introduction and Market Overview

2 Industry Chain Analysis

3 Global Food Automation Market, by Type

4 Food Automation Market, by Application

5 Global Food Automation Production, Value ($) by Region

6 Global Food Automation Production, Consumption, Export, Import by Regions

7 Global Food Automation Market Status and SWOT Analysis by Regions

8 Competitive Landscape

9 Global Food Automation Market Analysis and Forecast by Type and Application

10 Food Automation Market Analysis and Forecast by Region

11 New Project Feasibility Analysis

12 Research Finding and Conclusion

13 Appendix

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